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31 Days To Build A Better Blog – Day 1

31 Days To Build A Better Blog – Day 1

A better blog.

It’s something that all of us site owners strive for.

It’s also something that I’ve been putting a lot of thought into lately. How to improve my blog / site / online presence in order to help the most people possible? Pay someone? Not ready for that yet. More content? That’s a given. How can I give the most bang for the buck to this journey and show everyone what I’m doing? I’ve got it.

I’ll follow the ebook course from ProBlogger.net, 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. Not only read and put into practice the exercises, but blog about it while I’m doing it and invite others to follow along. I also plan to turn this series of posts into set of resource pages for my site so that others can refer to them in the future. (Makes for great pillar content as well.)

On to the course.

31DBBB Day 1 – Write an elevator pitch for your blog

What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a short synopsis of what your blog is all about anf what you want to accomplish with it. It’s called an elevator pitch because it’s usually short, 100-150 words, and you can relay it to someone during an elevator ride, or about 30 seconds.

My elevator pitch is as follows:

We want to help you to improve your life and productivity by using technology; and in so doing make that technology work better, faster, and cheaper for you. We do this by creating an interactive community on blogs, social networks, video, audio, news sites and the web and answering questions, chatting, or just hanging around for when you need help.

In the 31dbbb course they suggest using the elevator pitch in a tagline on your site. The tagline is a short blurb, probably much shorter than your elevator pitch, that you can put right on your front page and throughout your site to give your readers a better idea of what you’re all about.

I’ve incorporated my tagline right into my logo and it states:

Improving Life With Technology

As you can see I’ve shrunk down the salient point into just a few words and I use this all over the place. I suggest you come up with one as well for if you really want to say what you’re about but only have a few seconds, a good tagline can prompt further inquiry.

Value of an Elevator Pitch

Having an elevator pitch gives you a better idea of what you want your blog or site to be and how you want to go about it. Lets be honest, many of us just move in a direction that it looks like we should be going and veer somewhere else if needed. With an elevator pitch you can help yourself stay on track and if you have multiple people writing for you, maintain site focus.

Uses for an Elevator Pitch

There are a lot of places that you could use a well crafted elevator pitch.

  • Conversation – Just in talking to other people / bloggers / site owners in umm…say an elevator, or the nearest coffee shop or blogging conference.
  • The “about” section of your site – Anything to give your readers a better understanding of what you’re all about. This is something I’m going to do myself.
  • Pitching to others – If you need to pitch you’re site to VC’s, a bank, other bloggers and other media (read Mass).
  • Email, Forum & other signatures – It can be valuable to give people a quick look.
  • Different physical documents – No matter how we might try, the need for sending physical letters and handing out business cards in business will probably not be ending soon. Why not a little insight along with it.

The elevator pitch, coming soon to a site near you!

What to expect in the coming days

This would be Day 1 of 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. Keep a watchful eye out for Day 2 where we’ll do something equally nutty. By the way Day 2 is titled “Write a List Post”. I can feel the hilarity already.

Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Google+ if you’ve taken this ebook course and what you’ve discovered. If you’re playing along at home send the link to your site over and I’ll link it within the relevant page where it can live until the end of time…or there’s another server outage due to storms.

– Christopher

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