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2012 Business Goals

2012 Business Goals

Ah yes, the New Year.  Full of promise, full of hope, hopefully not full of something else.  The New Year is great because it gives us a chance to look forward and plan what we want to accomplish in the not too distant future.  Giving you an incredible sense of satisfaction when you reach your goals, and an opportunity for a lesson if you didn’t.

My previous post was an examination of what I had accomplished in the previous year, and to be completely honest it wasn’t all that great.

This year is going to be different however, “Where have we heard that before”, no really.  I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…I knew I could…I knew I could!

The only real requirement for this is for each these to be S.M.A.R.T. If you don’t know the acronym it stands for:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Timely

In that vein here are my goals for the year 2012.  Most of them are related to my business, a few may lead into personal goals which I will post on my personal site.

– Help 150 people (this is direct help in a quantifiable way, i.e. direct suggestion or tip)

I love to help people.  Nothing gives me a greater rush than showing someone how to do something or solving someone’s problem.  I want to help as many people as I possibly can this year in any way that I can.  The way that I’m going to make it quantifiable is if I know I helped, I count it, 150 is just a concrete number.  If I just said, “help as many people as possible”, then it wouldn’t be a S.M.A.R.T.goal.

– Post an article, a video or a podcast at least 3 times per week

One of the reasons my online presence faltered last year was the infrequency of my content.  This year I aim to change that.  I’m going to put up content at least 3 times per week.  This may be articles on my SyberSquad.com site, Videos on my YouTube Channel, or a foray into the frightening world of podcasting.  All designed to get the SyberSquad brand out there and allow people to consume my content however they see fit.

– Create at least 15 YouTube videos for the year

During the past year I made several videos on my YouTube Channel that garnered around 400 views.  The channel itself has over 19,000 views due to some previous content that I’ve since taken private, but I’m confident that I can get the same kind of response answering questions and delivering great content with good production values.   Quality sound and video can go a long way in attracting an audience.  Who wants to watch a video that looks and sounds like crap?  Well mine won’t.

– Complete at least 5 resource pages for my site

A resource page in the online world is generally defined as an article, page, or group of articles or pages that speak at length about a specific topic, and are organized together for ease of access.  Many people in the online world use these to great effect to speak on topics that they are very knowledgeable about and they can help people immensely.  I plan to make 5 (at least) and feature them prominently on my site.

– Create at least 1 new niche site

Over the last few months I’ve come to realize that the niche that SyberSquad.com encompasses is rather large.  As such certain things that I’m interested in writing about and offering as products or sales don’t necessarily fit in it’s niche.  Therefore I’m going to create at least one, and maybe more if there is time, site to explore these other opportunities.  These are smaller sites that I hope can help produce income to supplement others.

– Complete Facebook landing page

I have been attempting to enhance my presence on Facebook.  I was a late comer to Facebook and as such I’m having to play catch-up in drawing users/friends/fans in to my business page.  You can see the current results of my efforts at chrisonfacebook.com.  It’s plain and there is not a lot of reason for people to take a look and stay (by liking it).  I want to change that by jazzing it up and offering a reason for others to come, stay a while, and interact.  I began that process late last year.  This year I will complete it.  I invite you to come on down (to chrisonfacebook.com) , like the page, and watch how great it gets.

– Write ebook to help with list signups

People say that email is dead, but in the battle for the user an email list is invaluable.  It allows delivery of content requested by the user which makes it targeted, timely, relevant, and cheaper than spray-and-pray marketing.  I need a hook however to get people to want to subscribe to my list.  Great content is good, but for some it’s not enough.  Hence, an ebook.  Nothing all that long, just a helpful example of what I can give in exchange for the reader’s set of eyes.  If you’re interested in setting up your own email list, use Aweber.  It’s the best and what many influencers in the industry use.

– Complete new Newsletter landing page

As I said, I use Aweber for my list signups and newsletter distribution and many others do as well.  So when the default landing and “thank you for signing up” page comes up, it looks like everyone elses…boring.  I’m going to spruce that up. I’ll use graphics and visceral need to convince the user that they’ll really be missing something if they don’t sign up.  I may need some help on the look-and-feel but I’m sure that I’ll find someone that can help me.

– Run at least 3 giveaways during the year

Last year I had planned on giving away some books to help get the brand out there and help with social media and list signups.  That never happened, but I still feel that it’s a valid technique and want to run several this year.  Whether that is a book, or technology/gadget of some type that I like it would depend on what I can get a hold of.  I will only giveaway something that I use or recommend, and it has to have something to do with the site’s mission of “Improving Life With Technology”.  Keep an eye out if you’re interested.  Newsletter or social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) are the best way.

– Run 1 Help Hangout during January (determine more later)

I have to admit that I’ve become quite enamored with Google+.  I feel that it takes the best ideas of Twitter, Facebook, and even some from the old MySpace and combines them in new and innovative ways.  One of those is called a Hangout.  It’s basically a video conference between yourself and up to 9 other people.  You might think that this would lead to chaos, but most people are used to video conferencing by now, (think Skype), and it intelligently switches to the forefront people speaking.  It works really well.  I’d like to use it to have an open hangout where people can ask questions for an hour or so, every so often and I (or others) can answer a question or solve a problem.  Some others like Daria Musk, a musician, are using Google+ hangouts in innovative ways and I love the new, done by the smart.  If you would like to circle me on Google+ here is my profile, and my business page which has less fluff.

…And There You Go

Ten things that I will succeed at this year.  If you want to point out any goals you are going to accomplish in the coming year, feel free to add them to them comments.  I hope that you’ll join me for the ride.  It’ll be fun.


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